Mirror Reflections

The blinds on the windows don’t quite meet the edges. The first soft rays of sunshine peep through and splash their brilliance across the plump pillows, resting like sentinels on the slatted bed head.  The wrought iron lamps stand guard at each side and silently keep watch over the sleeping bodies.

The square mirror winks back at the guards and reflects their stately beauty.  The gaudy baubles slung over the mirror’s edge catch the growing daylight and throw their sparkle across the room.  The framed photos on the wall are caught in the sunshine and journeys of the past are once more brought to life.

A dog in the corner sleeps peacefully, with a slow expression of breath and an occasional dream-like whimper.







The blinds on the window don’t quite meet the edges. The first harsh rays of sunshine scream through the cracks and dazzle the sleepers through their closed lids.  The pillows, now hard and cold, provide no comfort and the burning eyes can rest no longer.

The bed side lamps stand watch, silently collecting dust, causing sneezing and wheezing in the night.  The mirror reflects the horror of the growing daylight, while the gaudy baubles on the mirror’s edge rattle and clank and have no value.

The photos on the wall, now come alive, and are a stark reminder of the good times long past.

A dog in the corner snuffles and grumbles and circles and circles, trying to find the right place to settle.  She sleeps fitfully for a while longer, and then wakes as though from a bad dream, crying pathetic little whimpers.

About South Bound

My name is Kylie and I am an emerging writer living in the Southern Hemisphere. I enjoy writing anything from snippets to short stories to memoirs and reflections.
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