About Me

I’ve been told that if you write, you’re a writer.

This is my place where I can be a writer – when I’m not an office worker, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a mum to two dogs.  I’m not sure if I’m any good at it, but I’m trying!

When I was 11, I was told by my teacher to keep a diary of our overseas family holiday.  I had 5 months away from school so that was my homework, but to my surprise I enjoyed it and have kept a diary of sorts ever since.  I then developed an interest in writing short stories in my senior years at high school, and received very good marks for them.

In subsequent years, university, a career and life in general got in the way of doing much creative writing, but as I’ve matured (I prefer saying that to ‘aged’ or ‘got older’!) I have re-discovered my passion for putting pen to paper, or more correctly, tapping the keyboard.  I recently completed a short Short Story course and have a hunger to learn more.

My father is a retired English teacher so we grew up being corrected grammatically.  At the time it was tiresome, but now I fully appreciate its importance.  Dad is a published writer of historical non-fiction, and I would like to follow in his footsteps at some time in my life.

In November 2012 my Mum passed away and I felt a need to honour her memory in prose, and to share the great love affair between Mum and Dad that continues to last for over 50 years.

I have not, to date, started that story, as I know it will be difficult to write, both technically and emotionally.  So my first efforts will start small and I hope I will be able to build up to a piece that will do them both justice.

My name is Kylie and I live in Melbourne, Australia – the Great Southern Land. I look forward to sharing some writing and photos with you and to receiving your feedback and suggestions.

I also keep another blog dedicated to my furry friends and animal welfare issues so I  hope you’ll pop by that too sometime if you love animals!


5 Responses to About Me

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  2. Kanerva says:

    What a lovely ‘about’ page! I think you’ve caught another follower now 🙂

  3. bfostrickson says:

    I can’t wait to read that story some day! I’m glad to be in touch again and look forward to reading more of your posts and stories.

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